Our Journey

 We are here to create a digital lifesyle.

The Inception

Life was as it should have been for two normal "soon to start" college boys back in the year of 2011. They were full of fascinating ideas. But they didn't know where to start from. Shahrukh and Zafir back then wanted to bring a change in people's life using technology. They learned about Google, Apple and Facebook. They wanted to make a similar impacts. And as you know "Where there is a will, there is a way", singularity was started just as a name. Singularity initially started with offering wireless buzzer for quiz shows in different TV Channels & events. This was the first original invention by one of the co-founder zafir. He developed the first ever wireless buzzer system which was connected via software. The expertise of hardware-software integration, which they later commercialized extensively, was used for the first time! On initial stage, they also offered services like website development, CG Video development and other digital content production.

The "Trade" Registration

2013 was probably the most important year for singularity till date. The company got its official trade registration from joint stock registration corporation of Bangladesh. Also Asif, a long admirer and stakeholder on key corporate accounts of singularity joined in as a managing partner. Singularity started its journey on a small 600 sq ft shared an office in Baridhara. It had no regular employees but bootstrapped to acquire more clients. It got to work for big MNCs like Unilever & Grameenphone. They were delivering what they could promise. They were on a mission to create whole new dynamics in work which now people generally refer as "Singularity Standard". Pile of works were stacking up. Just at that point Singularity hired their first employee, Mr Iqbal, who happened to be a talented creative guy having the capability to think out of the box. He was hired as a junior animator. The increase in business pushed us to re-invest in the system just again after 7 months and form new team with proper skills and experiences.

Running Towards The Future

The year Singularity started to walk! The company scored news headlines, articles, big brands and what not? But the co-founders kept focus on the initial optimism. They always cared about the consumers who in the day end would use the product. From a 3 member team, the company scaled to 10 member team on a diversified background. It launched various projects and also kicked-off numerous campaigns among them the World T20 Cup logo unveiling was the most prestigious one. In 2014 Singularity diversified business and it’s sister concern “Bondstein Technologies Limited” –started its operation. This company previously was known as the hardware-software integration division of Singularity. Also, some other new business areas were being discussed to explore.

Empowering Automation

Singularity started its new SBU focused towards mobile application and software development in the year 2015. Since then this SBU has deployed large scale enterprise level automation projects for many top notch companies. Till date this SBU works for many concerns on a build own operate model.

Our Clients

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